1)UGG (目前还不能在GBC网站查询,卖家paypal暂未被冻结)
Case No. 18-cv-542

Case No. 18-cv-465

3)Benefit (目前还不能在GBC网站查询,卖家paypal暂未被冻结)
Case No. 18-cv-414

4)Bulgari (已经可以在GBC网站查询,并且正在冻结Paypal账号
Case No. 18-cv-405

5)Canada Goose(已经可以在GBC网站查询,并且正在冻结Paypal账号
Case No. 18-cv-362

Case No. 18-cv-366

7)Harley 哈雷(目前还不能在GBC网站查询,卖家paypal暂未被冻结)
Case No. 18-cv-310

Case No. 18-cv-228

Case No. 18-cv-160

Case No. 18-cv-73

11)ESS 眼镜(已经完成冻结)
Case No. 18-cv-34

最近GBC案件开始多了起来,不过没有新品牌,而且GBC的套路我们已经比较清楚了,如果他们不“创新”的话,威胁不是很大(谁的危害大?当属Epstein Drangel LLP这个纽约的律所,就是最近告了一批Wish指尖猴的律所,下期我们聊聊)


IRON MAIDEN HOLDINGS LTD. v. The Partnerships and Unincorporated Associations Identified on Schedule “A”

百度IRON MAIDEN,搜到的是“铁娘子乐队”,大家注意下,后继有更新告知大家。

One thought on “GBC最新案件预警

  1. Patrick

    I’m sued by Iron Maiden for trademark infringement. I sell in online market place. There was no DMCA notice to the owner of the online marketplace. I’m from Singapore and I’m given 21 days to file a complaint to the US but I do not know how. It is too late as to file the complaint deadline is next Monday. Tomorrow I go and see my lawyer. I advertised only 41 products of watches and t-shirt, never sold one and took them down immediately after receiving a summon letter from them. My PayPal also frozen I see the online market place still sell Iron Maiden products


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